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August Wilson House

Pittsburgh, PA


Clear Story was a member of the project consulting team, responsible for the design of interior and exterior lighting and control systems, as well as theatrical systems infrastructure for outdoor performances. Mindful of the storied history of the place and its significance in the Hill District community, Clear Story developed illumination concepts that support the experience and interpretation of interior spaces that were the focus of preservation efforts. Crisp and contextual, the lighting design follows the form of the architectural character of the galleries and workshop spaces, new building additions and historic spaces within the original family home.

Outside, a dramatic illuminated fence and walkway guides visitors and audiences to the backyard performance space, where Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company have staged many of August Wilson's best-known plays. Now, new electrical and data infrastructure, and structural support for other theatrical systems, are integrated into the design of the backyard and surrounding perimeter fence line -- streamlining aspects of outdoor theatrical production. Among the many features of Clear Story's design -- a networked lighting control system, allowing theatre designers to manipulate light levels in specific rooms of the historic house. This functionality has the potential to transform the home of the playwright from a rich and layered setting to an elevated character presence in the story.


Pfaffman & Associates, CJAM Consulting, Hood Design Studio, Studio for Spatial Practice, Iams Consulting, A. Martini & Company, Westmoreland Electric

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