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East Liberty Transit Center

Pittsburgh, PA


Clear Story was a member of the ELTC project team and was responsible for conceptualizing and designing the site lighting strategy for this multi-modal transit-oriented development, addressing lighting specifications and integration details in architectural elements and landscape features including a streetside public plaza, a pedestrian bridge, two station platforms, the bus cartway, and an enclosed bicycle shelter. Clear Story’s illumination strategy emphasizes texture and landscape contours and makes use of translucent and reflective material properties, delivering a safe and sophisticated public realm experience after dark. A unified light fixture vocabulary ties the East Liberty Transit Center complex to the adjacent Eastside III mixed use development. Clear Story designed the site lighting master plan for Eastside III around the same time, and the two connected projects offer a striking example of integrated and coherent urban planning and illumination design.


Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority, Sasaki, Studio for Spatial Practice, CDM Smith, Mosites Company, Port Authority of Allegheny County, The Design Alliance Architects

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