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Pittsburgh Festival of Lights

Pittsburgh, PA


Between 2007 and 2009, Clear Story served as the technical directors of the Pittsburgh Festival of Lights, a series of spectacular architectural lighting and projection installations throughout Downtown Pittsburgh. The project transformed the cityscape and nighttime environment, encouraging visitors to explore the city on foot and become immersed in the towering murals of light. As technical directors of the Festival of Lights, Clear Story’s specialists collaborated with renowned Paris firm of Art Lumiere to provide installation support and coordinate all onsite logistics, permitting, electrical requirements, and weather enclosures for the projection systems on buildings such as the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh. Festival of Lights not only demonstrated Clear Story’s collaborative support capacity, but also the firm’s ability to lead the execution of large-scale artistic concepts with complex technical requirements in the ephemeral medium of light. Clear Story Deisgn Director Rob Long was also a featured lighting artist in the Festival of Lights. His dynamic architectural lighting designs at the corner of Ninth Street and Penn Avenues created a gateway into the Pittsburgh Cultural District, activating the architecture with movement, color, and accessible shapes.


Allegheny Conference on Community Development, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Art Lumiere, Casa Magica, Flyspace Productions

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