Three PNC Plaza/Triangle Park

Pittsburgh, PA


Clear Story reviewed and consulted on exterior and interior lighting systems of Three PNC Plaza, a mixed-use high rise in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with 752,000 square feet over 23 floors. Clear Story was charged with reducing the overall cost of the lighting package while bringing the approach closer to the original conceptual vision for the space. To achieve a lighting solution consistent with the design aesthetic and compatible with the structure of Three PNC, Clear Story worked closely with architects at Gensler to evaluate the engineered lighting package, improve the efficiency of the system, and integrate lighting and architecture to achieve PNC’s design goals. Clear Story’s creative approach of integrating energy-efficient products and new lighting technologies into the revised design reduced lighting system costs by 10% and enhanced the aesthetic outcome of the project. After the initial lighting review, Clear Story continued their work on other elements of Three PNC Plaza including fabrication and installation of custom lighting fixtures by regional glass artisans. Using components sourced within a 100-mile radius of the project site, and energy efficient LED and fluorescent light sources, these custom light fixtures are products of the local creative economy and help to reinforce the sustainable design values of PNC.



2225 Mary Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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